Richie Rainwater is tasked with giving clients new identities through the Witness Security Act. But when a mysterious woman comes into his office one morning, he finds himself running to try to protect her - and himself. And through the brief but tenacious relationship he forms with her, Richie finds he may too be in need of a new identity.

I thoroughly enjoy Spacey's inspired character development. His characters are so rich and full of life. I loved reading about the characters getting to know each other and becoming closer. I felt really connected to these characters as they formed close bonds. - Kellie

At the heart of Spacey's novels is always the depth of his characters. Sometimes you like them, and sometimes you loathe them, but you always enjoy them. This particular book is mainly full of the enjoyable type. You'll fall in love with Sadie when she sneaks items into her purchase hoping that Richie won't notice and when she botches Richie's new name. - Amy

Shedding Sadness
386 pages
Fiction, Romance, Thriller

Kindle / Paperback




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