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Brandon was born in Dallas, Texas in the first half of the seventies. And try as he might to escape, he's been confined to Texas ever since. He graduated from high school and tried college for a while, but quickly realized that wasn't in the cards for him. He joined the Air Force and served four years working on B-1 bombers and C-130s for a while before changing career fields and going to work in the computer flight. And though he saw many places around the world, he never officially lived anywhere but Texas.

After his discharge, he went to work in Internet Systems and spent the next near-twenty years in IT-related jobs. He finally had enough of the rat-race and retired form the technology field once and for all. Brandon is now a mechanic, doing what he loves.

In his free time, of which he has a lot more these days, Brandon plays table-top games with his friends, spends time in his flight simulator and plays music. He can often be found talking his way up onto the stage at local pubs when there is a talent in the house. Brandon's former band, Copperwound, released an album (available on Amazon) before splitting up due to geographic ridiculousness. He still writes music, but spends most of his writing juice on the literature side - journaling and documenting the things he experiences, as well as working on his novels. He has published four so far, with one more awaiting publication and one in the works.

Brandon wrote on a fairly popular weblog for about sixteen years, equating hundreds of thousands of words spread across several hundred columns on a near-daily basis. And there is no shortage of short stories either. The writing just never stops. It is his greatest passion. And when he's not playing with his kids or attending their baseball games and dance recitals, he can usually be found doing just that.

He lives in Richardson with his wife and children.

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