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A mission to Mars is doomed from the beginning, but no one sees the signs. When the radar goes out millions of miles from home, the Atlas crew begins to realize they might be lost.

Running out of fuel, oxygen and time, they must decipher the chaotic star charts and find a way to salvage their mission - without sacrificing themselves.

This is Spacey's second novel, and the 2nd installment in the Callie Simmons series.

This is the kind of book when you finally stop reading for the night (far later than you had planned) you lie there thinking about what might happen next, what could change, how things might work out. - Kellie

Spacey always writes amazingly lifelike characters. I found myself turning pages as quickly as I could in the last half of the book. The final chapter, which is called "Closure", didn't really give me any. It just made me need a 3rd book in this universe to tell me exactly what's going on. Will Callie go to "Fiji"? Will Callie and Walter ever get it on? What's Royal really up to? What do we need to know about Shanna? Who's gonna yak next? How will gravity affect everyone's boobs on Mars? - Amy

Resurrecting Mars
106,000 words
Sci-Fi, High-Tech, Space
Callie & Walter Book 2


Hard Cover