Callie embarks on an investigative journey to find out what really happened on the Oliver Company's Atlas mission. her goal is to bring to justice anyone who had a hand in sabotaging that mission. She must fly to Fiji to confront Brian Bradley and his team, and unlock the mysteries of the enigmatic project, simply known as Red Bell.

She had to stand still for a moment, hands out away from her hips as she caught her balance. It wasn’t necessarily that she was afraid of heights – and certainly not when on the middle of a large building rooftop. But the sudden realization and perspective shift of seeing the world back away slightly, revealing itself to be a lot lower than she had previously thought… that had scattered her nerve momentarily. Her blonde hair flicked in the light breeze and she turned on her heels looking for the moon. Still no luck on that front, and Callie was beginning to lose her bearings entirely.

Rebecca, though she walked a pace behind the woman escorting her, was clearly not intimidated by the building, the atmosphere, or the approaching woman. She walked with a stride commonly seen in people of great power – and Cardna saw it immediately. As they neared the dynamic stopping point determined by the laws of physics and the lengths of their respective strides, they both slowed perceptibly. And then they stopped. Rebecca still stood a meter or so behind the woman escorting her, and had a very subtle smile on her face. Completely unafraid.

Red Bell
560 pages
Sci-Fi, Thriller, Adventure
Callie & Walter Book 4


Hard Cover