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Midnight's Park tells the tale of an accidental encounter that causes a rift in the temporal flow. When it is discovered what has happened, Amalie determines it needs to be corrected. She enlists the help of Daniel Brandt, and together they must find a way to bring back the hundreds of thousands of people they caused to disappear. Gripping, fast-paced and terrifying - Midnight's Park is a page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your reading chair until long after you have finished the book.

This is Spacey's first novel, and begins the Callie Simmons series.

Midnight's Park sparked my interest within the first few pages; it's completely original. I loved the author's use of imagery, and it really allowed me to create a great mental picture of the characters and their surroundings. - Hayley

I strongly recommend it as a book which has characters that will be with you long after you finish. It's among my top 5 favorite time travel reads. - Amy

Midnight's Park
95,000 words
Sci-Fi, Time-Travel, Action
Callie & Walter Book 1


Hard Cover