When Marcy Stedwin is offered a promotion to join a secret project, she is skeptical about the scope. The proprietor of the company, Sameer Singh, wants to bring someone back from the dead.

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I was just thinking that I don’t want to do anything until I pour myself a big glass of vodka cranberry. Would you like to come to my place?” she asked, sweeping both hands dramatically toward her door. She shivered again. Those thoughts of digging up a hundred-year-old coffin and cracking it open kept haunting her. “Are you okay?” he said, half smiling and half concerned. “Yeah. I really need a drink. I keep thinking about what he said, and it’s tripping me the fuck out.” Cory nodded and pulled the door closed behind him, holding out his own hand. Lead the way.

...maybe the Great Divide wasn’t so great after all. Maybe it was only a small step across a very deep, but very narrow chasm. Had they defeated death here? Certainly not. But they had gotten its attention. It now looked headlong at them over its shoulder, knowing it had been tapped.

A Flutter in the Window
604 pages
Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror


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