When Shawn Stedwin takes a new job in a new city, she believes she's found a great fit in a great company. But after a six-month monitoring period by her boss, Sameer Singh, she is invited to join him on a secret project in the hidden half of the building's fourth floor. His mission is to find a way to bring someone back from the dead.

Using a mixture of nanotechnology and biology, Singh thinks they can reawaken a cadaver's personality. If he’s right, the subject will be able to open his eyes, observe his surroundings and even speak to them about it. But in dealing with the dead, there are many unknowns.

This is the story of a woman's journey through fear and coming to terms with her own past. She must lean on the shoulders of her new boyfriend and her new friend to get through the turmoil. But good things don’t always last. And these two separate parts of her life - friendships and working with the dead - might just end up converging.

Coming April 2023 to Amazon and B&N

...maybe the Great Divide wasn’t so great after all. Maybe it was only a small step across a very deep, but very narrow chasm. Had they defeated death here? Certainly not. But they had gotten its attention. It now looked headlong at them over its shoulder, knowing it had been tapped.

A Flutter in the Window
604 pages
Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror