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This is a collection of almost every single column ever published on the SpaceBrew sites between 1999 and 2013. The collection includes all the categories of columns, including diaries, reviews, interviews, Bacon Talks, science talk, travel journals, how-to columns, events and news columns. This collection could be considered an implement for entertainment in the bathroom for those long visits to the throne, or just a reference book for those interested in keeping the SpaceBrew columns alive on paper, long after the site goes away.

Why would I buy this book? I can read all these columns for free on the internet at Space's site. This is retarded. - Ryan

Great read. It's not one you read from cover to cover though, but more like a bathroom book. You pick it up when you only have a few minutes to read and browse through a few columns. Most of them are hilarious. Very enjoyable! - Clark

The SpaceBrew Collective
794 pages
Anthology, Weblogs