Noah Wright and his friends are regulars at the Sally West, a rock dive in Bar Harbor, and they try to make all the shows that come through town. But the Sally is also a good place just to shoot some pool and have a drink. On one of these nights, Noah has a chance encounter with the lead singer of a local band, Tanis Ransom. He decides to try to pick her up with a bad line, bringing back to life an old bet he and his friends had once made. Not expecting it to work, he doesn't consider the ramifications of his little stunt.

Noah has a girlfriend he thinks is perfect. So why is he still flirting with other women? Well, that's just what he does. And before he knows what's happening, Tanis is falling for him. And he's falling too.

This is a story about new love, and Noah's desperate desire to keep it new. It is also the story of Tanis Ransom and her quick ascension to rock greatness. Noah must learn to navigate the obstacles he has placed in his own way, and come to terms with the consequences of playing with live hearts.

Coming December 2022 to Amazon and B & N

“Not here, no,” Tanis said. She was looking at him with mysterious eyes. “We have to spread the beauty to other places. Parks. Water towers. Bridges during rush hour. Pastures full of running horses in the rain.” She looked up at the falling snowflakes and closed her eyes, a smile spread across her face. “Alleys between old gray fences, the roof of an old abandoned shopping mall at midnight, under the long shadow of a windmill...”

Chasing Comets
490 pages
Romance, Adventure