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As I’ve discussed before, most of my projects have crazy timelines by the time I’m finished with them. Some I didn’t think I would ever get back to. Chasing Comets is maybe the craziest of them. The writing log is erratic and ridiculous. I started the book in 2016 and wrote 50,000 words or so. Another 50,000 or so in 2020, just over 3200 in 2021 (that’s all for that year) and then I finished it in May of this year, in about a week of writing.

In the midst of having that on my to-do list, I started Red Bell with about 7,000 words in April of 2019. That’s it. Three years later, I picked it back up, April of this year, and finished it in about six weeks. Meaning, I wrote somewhere around 143,000 words in those six weeks. Clearly, it can be done. Why can’t I just do it?

Well, I did it. My latest endeavor, A Flutter in the Window, was my personal mission to write a book without a large, multi-year gap separating its beginning from its end. I charged myself with writing on it at least a little bit, every single day. And some days I didn’t have much, but I put in a couple hundred words – just to get something down instead of a zero for the day. Other days I wrote 10,000 words. And with this commitment, I achieved a personal goal of finishing a book in one go. 43 contiguous days of writing, and I finished it. And here’s the best part: it’s the longest book I’ve written yet, clocking in at around 175,000 words. Pictured here is the woman I envisioned while I wrote Shawn’s parts.

Shawn Stedwin, from A Flutter in the Window

Last week was kind of a daunting one. I actually had to take off the week from writing because I could see my editing work piling up in front of me. I suddenly have three books that need to be edited. I’ve never been this far ahead, and it’s a good feeling. Since my Ideal Readers Group is done with Red Bell, I knew I needed to do my edits. I still have the other two to go.

3 Books to Edit

So Red Bell will be available for purchase by the end of next week. Chasing Comets will be published in December 2022, and Flutter in the Window will hit the shelves in April of 2023. Exciting times! Keep in touch for more updates, and maybe a snippet from my latest project, where Shawn is tasked with building an Artificial Intelligence that can escape from a non-connected computer.

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