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Brandon was born in Dallas, Texas in the first half of the seventies. And try as he might to escape, he's been confined to Texas ever since. He graduated from high school and tried college for a while, but quickly realized that wasn't in the cards for him. He joined the Air Force and served four years working on B-1 bombers and C-130s for a while before changing career fields and going to work in the computer flight. And though he saw many places around the world, he never officially lived anywhere but Texas.

After his discharge, he went to work in Internet Systems and spent the next near-twenty years in IT-related jobs. He finally had enough of the rat-race and retired form the technology field once and for all. Brandon is now a mechanic, doing what he loves.

In his free time, of which he has a lot more these days, Brandon plays table-top games with his friends, spends time in his flight simulator and plays music. He can often be found talking his way up onto the stage at local pubs when there is a talent in the house. Brandon's former band, Copperwound, released an album (available on Amazon) before splitting up due to geographic ridiculousness. He still writes music, but spends most of his writing juice on the literature side - journaling and documenting the things he experiences, as well as working on his novels. He has published three so far, with one more awaiting publication and one in the works.

Brandon wrote on a fairly popular weblog for about sixteen years, equating hundreds of thousands of words spread across several hundred columns on a near-daily basis. And there is no shortage of short stories either. The writing just never stops. It is his greatest passion. And when he's not playing with his kids or attending their baseball games and dance recitals, he can usually be found doing just that.

He lives in Richardson with his wife and children.


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25 Aug 2019 Hello, friends, foes, fans and family. I've some exciting news to share. As you've probably already seen on the home page, my novels are now appearing - one-by-one - in hardcover format! This excites me greatly. I've always wanted my own books on my bookshelf sitting next to my favorite authors, in hardcover format. Complete with dust jackets and foil spine lettering. Yes, these are exciting times. They are expensive. But so is gasoline. There's nothing I can do about that. I'm making less than a dollar per book on them. If you add up all the books I've ever sold so far, then subtract the number I've given away, you'll see that I've spent more on giving my own books away than I've ever made. And that's fine. I just want them out there. I want people to read them. And I thank you for reading them.

9 Feb 2019 Greetings, everyone. A young lady named Kiera agreed to model for my book cover. I've been waiting for three years for the right model to come along. The book has been finished. My Ideal Readers Group literally finished their read-throughs and edits three years ago. January of 2016. Good word, how time gets away. Anyway, for whatever reason (perhaps going through a messy divorce and subsequently moving several times) this book found the back burner. Well, last month I pulled it out, blew the dust off of it and shot Kiera for the cover. And now it is ready. The Kindle ebook will be the first available for purchase on Amazon. They have this deal where if you buy the paperback you can get the ebook for 3 bucks. So if you want to wait for the paper copy, I strongly support that decision.

Anyway, I'm excited to announce its complete completion. Completely. Finally. Look for it on Amazon over the next week! And thank you for all your support and patience.

- space

17 November 2018 Hello, friends. My site, as you may have noticed, has been down for a while. An embarrassingly long while, in fact. I just haven't had the care or desire lately that I used to possess for designing and updating websites. Here's the thing. I went through a tacky divorce and lost a lot of things. During that time, my hosting package ran out and they deleted all my sites and content. Imagine looking across a large field toward the mountains and knowing you have to build a road all the way to the mountains. That's what it feels like here. I had so much content and so many words and designs, and somehow had managed to forget to back it all up. So all I have are pieces of some of them. It's very daunting.

Anyway, it's at least back up now so you can see what's going on. I am about to publish my fourth novel, that has actually been ready for over two years now. I just went through so much shit that publishing it was very low priority. You know I design my own covers. So I've been waiting for that perfect woman to adorn the cover. I just need to find her and photograph her. As soon as that happens, I will put the book up for sale. I think you'll like it. It's my best yet.

So it's winter again, and I'm finally back at it. I will be attacking my fifth novel with the ferocity of a rabid pit bull here in the next few months, and hopefully have that up for sale in the next year or so. I'm sorry I was down for so long - if you missed me at all. But I'm glad to be back. Thanks for your support.

- space

11 January 2015: I am happy to announce that I have finished my fourth novel, Into the Darkness. I'm shooting for a spring release. This is, I think, my best work yet. It's the story of a hunt for a legendary sea monster. It's also the story of a girl who is losing her sight, and must have bionic implants. Callie and Walter are back, full force, to bring you a gripping story of how they plan to get to the bottom of the ocean. And hope they can get back!

This book is my longest work yet, checking in at just over 150,000 words. That puts the paperback at somewhere around 480 pages give or take a few. I haven't decided on font size yet. If I go with a comfortable 12-point size, I can fit 350 words on a page, and the book will be about 555 pages. If I push it down to 11-point, we're looking at the 480 I mentioned, with an average of 400 words per page. I want to make it comfortable for everyone, but I also don't want a really thick book, either. Shoot me a note and let me know what you think!

21 December 2015: Over the last week and a half I have written over thirty thousand words in my fourth novel. So it's safe to say I'm back on it. Hitting it hard. I don't want to prematurely call out how long it's going to be, nor do I want to goal myself at a certain word- or page-count. But I think (I think) I have somewhere around forty thousand words to go to get the story told. That's about what I think it's going to take. So realistically, I could have it done in the next few weeks. We'll see how that goes.

Before a few weeks ago, I had not touched the book since October of 2014, when, as you recall, my update was that I hoped to get finished by Christmas. Christmas. Christmas of 2014. A year ago. And then I fell off the face of the earth. But I'm back, friends. I should have a new book for you by summer at the latest.


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