The music is great. It's more than great. It's entrancing. Hypnotic. Enrapturing. But the thrill of having been part of the audience seems to be a necessary part of the picture. It finishes the experience. There is an infinite sadness that abounds when the band signs off with their trademark no-encore tradition: going home feels wrong. This sadness is for the unbending truth of the matter. And that is that it doesn't last forever.

Starstruck tells the story of a man, a woman and a band. Love, heartbreak, music, noise, Starstruck is the antithesis of everything Brandon Spacey has ever written. It is hard. It is honest. It is painful. And it is the anti-romance.

Stay tuned. Brandon has two books coming to print this year. Starstruck is scheduled for release in the fall of 2016. The recently finished Into The Darkness is due to be released this spring. You can learn about brandon's other three novels here.

Galactically forlorn and eerily poignant, Tanis Ransom is one of the last true sirens in the dying art of operatic trance.


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